Collective Nouns for the Web

Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. While there are many examples of collective nouns available online, there are not any well-known resources for collective nouns related to the web.

A vanity is ten(10) or more domains owned by a single person, where very few are in use.
An arsenal is a stackoverflow question with 6 or more popular answers.
A parade of RSS feeds is when you have so many RSS feeds that you have to scroll to see them all.
A quabble of social media is the responses or posts that spawn from an especially hot/unpleasant take.
A xuabble of xeets is the responses or quote xeets that spawn from an especially hot/unpleasant take on X.
A megabyte of JavaScript developers refers to enough developers to drive a consensus that 1 megabyte of JavaScript is entirely reasonable.
A rendering of Single-Page Applications is three or more distinct SPAs mashed together to appear as one to the end user.